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Room Recipes| Living Room

The Living Room DIY Design Package Includes:

  • A Space Plan that includes a place for everything to make the room its best.
  • A Color Scheme that is scientifically proven to boost your mood and work with your space.
  • A mood board to visually see products together.
  • 3D Renderings that show you what your room will look like when you’re done.
  • A Shopping List with links to buy.
  • & Designer Tips to help you put your room together.

Setting up your studio:

After purchasing your Virtual design package, you will get instant access to our online studio, where you will get detailed instructions and a video introduction.
What you will need to do:

  1. A link to schedule a Design chat about your room.
  2. A questionnaire specific to your room type that will help us serve you best.
  3. A measuring guide for your space.
  4. How to take photos so we can have the most accurate visual information.
  5. A place to upload any inspirational photos for your project.

We get to work, designing your room:

Once we have ALL the information we need to begin, our experienced Design team starts working on your project. We start with your space plan so that you know how everything fits best in your space. Then we select furnishings for you based on your design questionnaire, desires, style, and budget.
To find out the timeframe for your project, you can either schedule a discovery call before purchasing or we will let you know after you purchase.
Click here to set up Discovery Call
Once we have completed your custom designs, you will get a notification that your project is ready for you to view.

Follow the Recipe:

Follow Designer tips and practices to get the best outcome for your project. View the Floor plans and 3D renderings to vision the finished space. Use the mood board and direct links to shop your Design. And then post your after photos to show all your friends and family your beautifully designed space!
We look forward to serving you from the comfort of your home!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How will you know what I like?
The Design Questionnaire gives me an insight as to what you want. Plus we will brainstorm in our initial meeting. I also tell my clients to have any wish list items or pictures they want to show me ready for the consultation. I am very thorough in finding your design style, color palette, and room arrangement. You will LOVE what I come up with.
What if I need additional help?
No worries! We can continue to work together. It is our goal for you to love your home. We will provide a proposal for the work you desire. We want you to be happy with the designs. And would love to keep working with you on any additional projects.
Do you take into consideration any special needs or requests I might have?
Yes, just give me the details in your design questionnaire or our initial phone meeting and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.
If I've changed my mind, can I get a refund?
Once you receive notice that your designs are ready, the design it is non-refundable. You will have everything you need to put your room together.
Can I keep some of my current furnishings in the design?
Yes, just let me know any items you want to work on in the design and make sure you have given us those measurements with photos.
I want to change a few things in my design. Can I do that?
We can always tweak things in the design. If you need revisions, we can provide a proposal for the desired revisions.

Have any additional questions? Contact us at 615-492-4555

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